2 SEPTEMBER 1843, Page 9

There is some interesting news from Ireland this morning. In

the first place, the opposition of the Marquis of Londonderry and other Conservatives to the contemplated meeting at Belfast, on the 7th instant, has been effectual. The Northern Whig publishes Lord Roden's reply to the Marquis's letter : the writer defends the project, as sup- ported by the most influential landlords in Down ; avers his belief that his account of the alarming state of the Irish Protestants was a plain statement of facts ; and assumes that Lord Londonderry was mistaken as to the nature of the proposed meeting, " which was never intended to be a large open assembly, such as was held at Hillsborough some years since, but to be confined to a room, and the admission to be by tickets." Nevertheless, the Downshire Protestants have abandoned their project : at a meeting of the noblemen and gentlemen who had promoted it, the Marquis of Donegall in the chair, it was resolved, " That, as loyal subjects of her Majesty, determined at all times to support the au- thority of the Queen, and anxious to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of her expressed wishes, we feel it our duty to forego the meeting fixed for the 7th September, lest the Protestants of Ulster should be charged by their enemies, however unjustly, as the cause of continu- ing political agitation." In doing this, however, further resolutions ex- press the adherence of the meeting to their opinion against the Repeal agitation' and their great satisfaction at the injunction against it in the Speech. A number of noblemen and gentlemen subscribed their names to the declaration that they will defend witl-i'theie properties and lives the integrity of the empire as cemented Ey theUflidn; and a committee was appointed to procure more signatures to that declaration. The list of signatures begins thus—the Duke of Manchester, the Marquis of Down- shire, the Marquis of Donegal!, the Marquis of Ely, the Mamas of Abercorn, the Earl of Hillsborough, the Earl of Roden, the Earl of Erne, Earl of Enniskillen, Earl Clanwilliatr, Lord Viscount O'Neill, Lord Dungannon, Lord Farnham, Lord Viscount Newry, Lord Viscount Jocelyn, Lord Castlestewart, Lord Northland, Lord George Hill ; and then follow some High Sheriffs, Members of Parliament, and other gentlemen.

The Government appointment of Mr. Howley, not only a Roman Catholic but a distinguished member of the old Roman Catholic Association, to the Sergeantcy, vacant by Mr. Keiiinge's promotion to be Judge of the Prerogative Court, has created much anger among the Dublin Tories. Mr. Howley retains the appointment he already held as Assistant Barrister br Tipperary. :