2 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 1

_ The Convention of Grasteinhas been published in extenso, andagrees

pretty closely with our account of it last week. Kiel is to be the port of the Federal fleet, and the ships of war both of Prussia and Austria are to lie in it for the present, but the garrisoning of Kiel itself and the works for the fortification of the port are to be left exclusively to Prussia. In other respects the convention seems even more favourable to Prussia than we had anticipated. At least it is stated —though not in the text of the convention—that the duty of defending all the Duchies (Holstein no less than Schleswig awl Lauenburg) against attack is to be entrusted to Prussia, and if occasion should arise, the resources of all are to be placed at her disposal for that purpose. It seems likely that the Hungarian tendencies of the present Austrian Cabinet make them anxious to withdraw as much as possible from an expensive and responsible business that cannot interest any but the German provinces of Austria, and that the nominal occupation of Holstein (except Kiel) by Austria is only temporary, till Prussia thinks it safe to engross the whole. She has already secured Lauenburg at the south and Schleswig at the north of Holstein, and it is scarcely likely that Austria should have entrusted both the bread-exteriors of the sandwich to her keeping, if it were not intended that she is to have the Holstein beef in the end as well. •