2 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 2

The Morning Post, usually suppose' to have inspiration from Lord

Palmerston, is obviously becoming a mare retailer_of French canards. On Wednesday it had an article, very French in tone, professing to give an account of a secret article in the Convention of Gastein, by which Austria undertakes (inter alia) to sell Holstein also to Prussia, and Prussia is to propose to the German Diet to guarantee all the possessions, German and non- German, of Austria. And these tidings the Morning Post professed to make known on an authority "which does not allow us to doubt of their accuracy." The secret article with this tremendous pro- posal to guarantee Venetia, Hungary, everything, to Austria, is of course strenuously denied in Vienna and Turin, and is in the highest degree improbable. We notice it only as one of very many indications during the last two years that the supposed Palmer- stonian character of the Morning Post is a fiction. A translation (or the original?) of the article appeared the next day in the political dreamland of the French journals, where both in style and substance it seemed less out of place than in the columns of the English press. To attribute any even semi-official origin to each rumours as these would be to cause the public very needless alarm.