2 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 3

The private correspondence in the Times, whenever anything unusual gives

sufficient play to it, is so prolific in suggestions 'worthy of consideration that they would almost repay analysis and republication. In view of the cholera, Dr. Fuller writes most earnestly to complain, first, of the evil to health arising from .sewer gas issuing from gutter-holes, which he calls peat-ho'es, in the pavement gutters ; and secondly, of the poisonous gases given off by the refuse accumulated in "that private hotbed of disease" .the family dust-bin. Dr. Fuller suggests that all vent-holes along the roads should be "permanently trapped," and all refuse from areas and houses "daily removed." Mr. Bridges Adams contends that the immense sewerage system of London should, no leas than coal-mines; have an organized ventilation, with proper .exits, tall vertical brick or iron shafts, like steam-engine chimneys. With such an organized system of ascending shafts, vent-holes would no longer be required, and the gas might be neutralized in the shafts. This no doubt is the true suggestion, but of course it will not be adopted, for who is to carry it out? It is so much easier to be poisoned.