2 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 1

The Daily News has received and published the preliminary report

sent in by Mr. Schuyler to his official superior, Mr. Howard, the American Minister there, after his official visit to Bulgaria. Mr. Schuyler completely confirms the state- ments forwarded by the Daily News' Commissioner, adding a few facts so shocking that the latter dared not write them. The detailed report, which will shortly be published, will probably be the most astounding document ever presented to the world in an official form, and may produce important consequences. That the American Government will be induced to interfere, in spite of some reports to the contrary, is, unhappily, improbable, as non- interference in Europe is traditional at Washington, and the Turks have not massacred Americans ; but the representation of a diplomatist will be differently treated by diplomacy from the representations of a newspaper. Even the Premier will hardly venture to call Mr. Howard's report '‘coffee-house babble," or to dismiss Mr. Schuyler with a cheery gibe about American addic- tion to "tall talk." It would be a fine thing for the Union to interfere for the first time in Europe to save a people ; but though the Americana might rely on the aid of a Russian land-force, they will hardly rise to such a pitch of disinterestedness.