2 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 1

The news from Servia is better than we last week

expected. T-hernaieff, aided by his vigorous lieutenant, Colonel Horva- tovich, w*r4 able to defeat the great attack on Alexinatz, and drive the Turks with considerable loss. He was unable, however, to follow up his advani..6,, Li.. +TAAL-02 losinz form in the open, and is now awaiting another attack, which the Turks are preparing on their own side of the Morava. His firmness, however, has been of immense service to the cause. Russian officers, who, not having Mr. Disraeli's heart, are unable to endure the crimes of the Turks, are swarming into Servia, and are giving consistency and confidence to the Servian troops ; while the 35,000 Turkish Regulars, who do all the -fighting, while the Volunteers do the skinning of the country, are being gradually used up by death, wounds, and disease. In a few days five or six hundred Russian non-commissioned officers ought to be in Servia, and if Tchernaieff can only hold on for another month, his army will be ready for offensive operations, against troops who are consuming thi whole country around them, and will speedily be left without rations.