2 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 24

The Quiver of Love. A Collection of Valentines, ancient and

modern. (Marcus Ward and Co.)—It may be doubted whether all the exquisite lyrics which here are enshrined, in all the glory of cream and gold, may fitly be termed "valentines," but it may be conceded that love-sick swains may relieve their minds completely and beyond doubt tastefully by adopting the thoughts and expressions of Shakespeare, Spenser, Suckling, and even Sir George Etherege, to say nothing of Shelley, Mrs. E. B. Browning, Mr. Austin Dobson, and "F. W. B." These and many more are the contributories to this elegant volume. If the re-

-rival of the practice of valentine-sending is maintained (and in one shape or another it is most likely that it will be), this will prove a veritable mine of wealth to the subjects of it. The pictures are truly superb, and the name of Mr. Walter Crane is sufficient guarantee for their artistic merit.