2 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

According to the latest news from the Cape (August 4)

the Dutch war against the Kaffirs still continues, and is not likely to -end quickly, the Dutch not exhibiting quite their usual energy. Indeed, it is stated that a tribe called the Swazies, who had gone to their assistance, were so disgusted with the " cowardice " of the Boers that they declared they would assist them no more, and marched away home. Cowardice has never been a characteristic of the Capo Dutch, who are frequently cruel but always determined, and their lethargy on this occasion must be attributed to other causes. It is believed that they will persist in the war, and it is important to observe that few as they are, they are never defeated. We say it is important, because there is a tendency just now to exaggerate the military qualities of the natives of South Africa. They are brave men, and they are rapidly procuring arms, but they are not braver or better armed than Indian troops, who have constantly been defeated at odds of twenty to one. The Kaffirs give way before the Boers, although they know they will not receive the mild treatment which the English when victors always concede to them.