2 SEPTEMBER 1905, Page 21

Great Batsmen : their Methods at a Glance. By G.

W. Beldam and C. B. Fry. (Macmillan and Co. 21s. net.)—" Illustrated," we read on the title-page, "by 600 action photographs." We see the batsman preparing to strike or guard his wicket, striking or guarding, and after he has struck or guarded. The action shown by the photograph is, of course, not the action that the eye catches—sometimes it looks almost impossible —this latter is, indeed, a combination of actions ; to imitate it, if it were possible, would not be to imitate the right thing. How much may be practically acquired by a study of this book is more than we can say. But it is safe to assert that whatever can be learnt from a book may be learnt from this. The authors explain the pictures with the knowledge of experts, showing, for instance, where the batsman has not put his weight on to the right foot, and they. contrive to make their explanation readable.