30 APRIL 1892, Page 12

The Baroness. By Frances Mary Peard. 2 vols. (Bentley and

Son.)—Miss Peard in this "Dutch story" works out two plots side by side, and contrives to make a very agreeable tale out of the two. The Baron von Cortland has married a young girl who finds the Castle of Boekenrode very dull, quarrels desperately with her husband, and applies for a separation on account of his violence. The Baron's younger brother, sure that the charge of violence must be false as brought against a man of so generous a temper, takes up his cause, and in prosecuting it finds his own fate. Various subordinate characters appear, among them a lawyer and his wife, and the child Marius. who has to play an important part in the evolution of the little drama. Then there are, of course, bad people, especially a French adventurer who desires to en- tangle the somewhat imprudent heroine of the tale. The two volumes are eminently readable.