30 APRIL 1921, Page 23

The Print Collector's Quarterly, hitherto published in America under the

scholarly editorship of Mr. Fitzroy Carrington, has now been transferred to London. The first number of the eighth volume is issued by Messrs. J. M. Dent (20s. a year), and the English editor is Mr. Campbell Dodgson, Keeper of the Print- room at the British Museum. It contains a long and interesting account of Forain's etchings by the editor, an essay on Tiepolo's etchings by Mr. A. M. Hind, an instructive paper by Mr. A. P. Oppe throwing much new light on the work of Alexander Cozens the early water-colour painter, and an article by Mr. Salaman on the etchings of Mr. E. S. Lumsden. The little octavo maga- zine is very fully illustrated with reproductions of the prints and drawings described in its pages, and may be commended to collectors and students.