30 APRIL 1927, Page 24

JOHN COMES HOME. By A. C. Thornton. (Meln Ise ' 7s: 6d.Y - --This

Storjr, by the winner Of a 1/50 Prize No Compctition,-describes- the evolution-of-a-boy-Who wins It° way from. humble circumstances to a successful business

ition John Presber, the son of a mechanic, is destined Pes by his father for an engineering "hand." But, by dint of

pluck. economy and perseverance, his mother gets him into a solicitor's office. John's home and Mrs. Presber's subtle mastery of her husband are-well represented, as also arc John's early days in the City of twenty years ago, his first flirtations, and his friendships with Victor Godfrey, a gadfly youth who lures him into perils from which he enterges safely at last into the arias of his first true love. The story is spun of homely

but deserves attention for its fidelity to life and its lannour.