30 APRIL 1954, Page 13

SWEDISH NEUTRALITY ark—It is interesting that Mr. lain Hamilton ,,taiterates

the Swedish assumption that closer fles with the West would precipitate a Russian Occupation of Finland. This is a familiar igument. I am afraid, however, that the ussian invasion of Finland in 1939 did not

rovoke any official assistance from Sweden

although the contribution of individual

wedes in the ' winter war' was considerable).

There is no reason to believe that such rin invasion today would send Sweden scurry- ing either to Finland's assistance or to NATO.-

fweden's non-participation in western defence s based rather on the belief that a large expenditure on armaments is not ' worth.the eandle.' It is, I suppose, unfashionable nowa- daYs to attempt to get the best of both Political worlds, but I cannot believe that her Policy of looking after the living standards Of the Swedish people in the first place is altogether without merit.—Yours faithfully,