30 APRIL 1954, Page 4


HE reassembly of Parliament on Tuesday passed 4 A T quietly. Nobody jostled Mr. Attlee. Nobody hoji at Sir Winston Churchill. It is true that at the end d a debate in the Commons on the size of school classes the", was a polite murmur of "Resign I " from the Oppostfie:; benches when the Government's majority of sixteen viti announced. But, this majority was perfectly in keeping viiiii the spirit of the day. It was small enough to please Lab°1 and large enough for the Government's purposes. Tuesday calm was partly a sign that the Easter recess had restorer tattered nerves, and partly the result of the deliberatcv)e unprovocative nature of Sir Winston's statement on Gene, and Indo-China: Geneva is to be given a chance to prodi7j settlements of Far Eastern problems. To that extent, all parts welcome it. In the Lords, where a similar statement was Ina had been Lord Jowitt and Lord Samuel said the Government. * politt,,, been wise not to allow itself to be hurried into new or military commitments, and Lord Samuel warned !;'41' Government not to go farther than the point at which it 014 be sure to have the support of the general public at home act the approval of the Governments and Parliaments " of 0.1!'1 countries in the Commonwealth whose geographical positivro makes this matter for them a matter of primary concer0.0 The national executive of the Labour Party, which met e Wednesday, and the Parliamentary Labour Party, which gliji on Thursday, might almost have adopted Lord Samuel's Of to express their views at this stage. 1