30 APRIL 1954, Page 4


Three cheers for the Lord Lyon King-of-Arms I He Qnl on his tabard. He sounded his trumpet. He informed the Town Council that its trouble was mealy-mouthed geatiTo and lack of smeddum. Wick wants for its coat of arms addition to the existing motto, " Nisi Dominus Frustra," wbict is the same as Edinburgh's. The Lord Lyon suggested r..„ bold, cold and invigorating blast of " Wick Warks Weel which has certainly smeddum enough. The council opPos`li it, saying that if it could not have the tame " Respice, Prospiet then Wick Works Well " would be preferable to its Lowland Scots equivalent. Whereupon the Lord Lyon exerted )! authority and blew a mighty blast against the timorous coull,c,4 which must now summon up its smeddum and accept the 017 that Wick will have to wark weel whether it wants to or a°