30 DECEMBER 1876, Page 1

The proclamation of Queen Victoria as "Empress of India" will

take place at Delhi on New Year's Day. The Viceroy, Lord Lytton, has arrived, and marched in procession through the city, seated in a gilded howdah on a tall elephant, with Lady Lytton by his side. He is attended by all the Governors, Lieutenant- Governors, Chief Commissioners, and Governor-Generals' Agents throughout India, and by 15,000 troops. The native princes appear universally to have obeyed the summons to be present,

and some, of them have brought armies with them, the camp of the Nizam in particular covering a mile of ground. The crowning ceremonial is to be performed in a plain three miles outside Delhi, and the tallest officer i& the Army has been selected to be herald, and will be dressed in a costume strictly heraldic, which cost 2200. It is to be hoped he .has: nut read "Quentin Dur- ward," that he does not laugh at inopportune occasions, and that he can read Persian without too detestable an English accent. Mr. Prinsep is to paint the scene, and Dr. Russell not being in India, Mi. Talboys Wheeler is to write a full official account of its incidents, which will, let 'us hope, be printed on white satin and "richly illuminated," and include a portrait of that forgotten but useful British subject, the ryot, taillable et corveeable a misericorde.