30 DECEMBER 1876, Page 23

Life in the Theistic Churches of India. Edited by SopLia

Dobson -Collet. (Williams and Norgate.)—In this unpretending pamphlet Miss Collet begins a work of much importance for the Theistic Churches of India,--namely, a brief record of their work and life for the year,—from which the reader will learn the purpose and spirit of the Brahmo -teachers and some conception of their spiritual services and lessons. A brief but careful glossary prefixedgives the reader a translation of those technical terms which are so mixed up with the life of the Brahmo Churches that they are not usually translated, while they continue, nevertheless, very much to mystify English readers. This year-book may have the effect, we trust, of interesting Englishmen and English- women in this important religious movement, and of affording them the information needful for both giving and receiving the aid and sym- pathy which Churches of like spirit can always give each other.