30 DECEMBER 1876, Page 23

The Parliamenteny Buff Book for 1876. (Effingham Wilson.) — The "Black Book"

one might be inclined to call this volume, with so cruel a fidelity does it record the doings of our representatives in Parliament. The House divided, it seems, two hundred and forty-two times. One hundred and twenty members took part in more than half of these divisions. In the case of the rest, the balance is against them. Seven were not present at all. One—but then he was an official—was never absent at all. The first six places are occupied by Conservatives, then come two Liberals, Mr. Anderson, M.P. for Glasgow, being one of them, and Mr. Cowen, of Newcastle, the other. The average attendance seems to have increased. This year has not, indeed, the number of the last, but it much surpasses a period quite recent. It numbers an aggregate of 58,461 votes, against 19,244 in 1869.