30 JANUARY 1847, Page 10


Mum-En—At Gravesend, 23d Jan. Morning Star, Hayward, from Ceylon ; 25th, Augusta Jessie, Harvey, from China ; Advocate, Garrick; Verona, Mould ; and Glou- cester, Beard, from Calcutta ; and Claudine, Norris, from Madras ; 26th, Essex, Morris, from ditto ; and 27th, China, Fergusson, from Hong-kong. In the Downs, 27th, May- flower, Headley, from Hobart Town ; Nelson, Lamond ; and Tulloch Castle, Stamp, from Calcutta. At Liverpool, 24th, Bowling, Gentle, from Singapore ; 25th, Thomas Fiel- den, Blackstone, ftom Calcutta; 27th, Queen Nab, Rowe, from China ; Favourite, Macy, from Mauritius; and 28th, Bidston, Banner, from Calcutta. In the Clyde, 21st, Yonteflores, —, from Mauritius; 23d, LancheSter, Conway, Prom China ; and 24th,

Orpheus. Trell, from Batavia. A t Bombay, 3d Dec. Devon, Mallory, from Liverpool ; 4th, Duke of Bronte, Barclay, from London ; and Robert Syers, Atkins, from Liverpool. At Ceylon, 9th, Cornwall, Canney, from London. At Madras, 27th Nov. Macedon, Redknap, from London ; 29th, Woodmanaterne, Hinderwell, from Liverpool ; and 11th Dec. City of London, Ford, from London. At Calcutta, previous to the Sib Dec. Prince of Wales, Hopkins ; Agincourt, Nisbett ; Maidstone, Rash ; Alfred, Henning; Gloritum, Domett ; Sophia, Saxon; Bangalore, Kenny ; Bengal Merchant, Lower; and Diamond, --, from London ; 'Cuteness of Cumberland, Carr ; Oak, Penrice; and D. Clarke, Swan, from Liverpool ; Ontario, Turner, from the Clyde; and Lady Peel, Williams, from Shields. At Moulmein, 24th Oct. Ganges, Aymers, from London. At Singapore, 15th Nov Hants, Edgar; and 26th, Lady of the Lake, M`Taggart, from London. At Hong-tong, previous to the 27th Nov. Queen of England, Pearson ; Sir R. Sale, Loader ; and John Cooper, Greig, from London ; Viscount Bandon, White ; Lancaster, Hullln ; Woodstock, Nicholson; and John o' Gaunt, IP Donald, from Liverpool; and Montrose, Fergusson, from Hartlepool. SAILED —From Gravesend, 22d Jan. Greyhound, Hutchinson. for Madras; 25th, Wm. Gibson, Alexander, tor ditto; 26th, James Dean, Brackle, for Port Phillip ; and Persian, Edgington ; and Tartar, Harvey, for Calcutta. SATIBIDAI Id 01.011Ii0. AtialvED—Off Faimou 11, 29th Jan. Emily, Anderson, from Ceylon. At Liverpool, 29th, Litheriand, Howard, from China; and Henry Winch, Cole, from Calcutta.