30 JANUARY 1847, Page 11

From the Paris papers of Thursday we learn, that the

project of law authorizing the free importation of corn into France, until the 31st of July next, was adopted by the Chamber of Peers, on Wednesday, with- out a single dissenting voice.

Accounts from Madrid, to the 22d instant, describe the Duke of Soto- mayor as being in a state of difficulty so great that he would probably be obliged to relinquish his task of attempting to form a Ministry.

A letter from Sierra Leone, dated the 15th December, reports that on the 1st, the Queen's brig Cygnet brought in as a prize the Brazilian brig Paqueto do Rio, of seventy tons burden, with 547 slaves on board. She had besides about thirty passengers and crew; making in all 577 souls. The capture was made off Sherbro'.