30 JANUARY 1847, Page 11



A general anticipation prevailed in the City on Monday that the intelligence received on that day from Paris would be of a very gloomy character, and that a great fall in prices would have occurred in that capital last Friday and Saturday. The contrary, however, appeared to be the fact; and the complexion of the market underwent a complete change. Console, which closed on Saturday at 904, opened on Monday at 91, speedily rose to 914, and closed at 914. On the following morning, the opening price was 911; but the quotation afterwards declined to 91; after fluctuating between that price and 914, it rose again this morning to

911 and closed today within 4th per cent of the highest price. Some expecta- tion was entertained that the Bank Directors would increase their rate of discount to 44 or 5 per cent at their Thursday's meeting; but no resolution for an increase was adopted. It has been remarked today in the City, that though the amount of Bank-notes in circulation must have been much reduced during the last few days, money is more abundant than it has been for some time. This was par- ticularly the case in the Stock Exchange, where, on the settlement of the Stock and Share Account today, a large demand for money was anticipated. The very reverse has turned out; and at the end of the day almost every capitalist had money to lend at cheap rates.

The Foreign Funds are all at an improvement of from 1 to 2 per cent upon our last prices. The transactions, however, have been quite unimportant. The Shares have fluctuated, though not considerably; the general result of the week's operations being to establish nearly the same range of prices as in our last report: the markets for most of the current varieties being of a better character than usual.

The Foreign Shares in general have improved materially. A rise of nearly 1L a share occurred in most of the current French varieties on Monday; and the higher quotations have since been nearly supported. Today, however, this particular description of security has been in less demand, as the market in Paris is not so buoyant as might have been expected. The Belgian Shares are an exception to the general rule of improvement; they are generally in a de- pressed state.

The advices from America today notice a decline of nearly 1 per cent in the exchange; thus increasing the inducement to send bullion to the States.


The English Funds are the same as yesterday; the market being firm in con- sequence of the closing of one or two speculative accounts. The Foreign Funds are nearly the same; but the tone of the various markets is rather better, from the improvement in the English Stocks. The transactions in Railway Shares have as yet been confined to the following: Caledonian, Half-shares, 24; Edin- burgh and Glasgow, Quarter-shares, 184; Great Northern, (London and York, Registered,) 21; Manchester and Leeds, Fifths, 11; Ditto, Extension, 14; New- caitle and Berwick, 331: North British, 354; Ditto, Extension, 14; North Staf- fordshire, 84; York and Newcastle, New, 131; York and Selby, 91. We cannot notice any transactions in the French Shares; the nominal quotations of which are lower, as the French market is not so good as might have been anticipated.

SATURDAY, Two o'Cioca.

The English Funds close at a decline of per cent upon the highest price of the day; Consols for Money being 914 1 and for Account 911 4. The proba- bility of a change in the French Ministry, which seems to have depressed the Money Market in Paris, has given courage to the speculators for the fall, and hence the decline above noticed. The Foreign Funds are nearly at the morning's quotations; the transactions having been very few. In the Railway Market the appearances heavy, and though at the commencement of business prices indi- cated a tendency to an advance, almost all the transactions in the latter part of the day mark a decline. The following are the principal bargains. Aberdeen, 234; Ambergate, Notts, and Boston, 23 4; Caledonian, 27 61; Ditto, Half-shares, 24 iF t4 ; Eastern Counties, 224 t3 2; Ditto, New, 20; Ditto, York Extension, 4 prem.; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 74; Great Southern and Western, (Ireland,) 27; Great Western, 1274 51; London and North-western 195 3 5; Ditto, Fifths, 19; London and Brighton, 564 51 6; London and Blackwell, 81; London and South- western, 65; Midland, 129 7; South-eastern and Dover, 384 i; York and Selby, 91; Dutch-Rhenish, 41; East Indian, 1 1; Great Northern of France, Consti- tuted, 124; Luxembourg, 24; Rouen and Havre, 264.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 911 1 91f f

Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Ceuta

87 89


3 per Cent Reduced 911 4 Ditto 4 per Cents 924 f 34 per Cents

931 6

Mexican 5 per Cents...1846 224 Long Annuities

New Grenada 181 19f Bank Stock 205 Portuguese New 5 p. Cts. 1841 34 5 Exchequer Bins prem. 5 8 Peruvian 38 40 DAM Stock

Russian 5 per Cents 110 112 Brazilian 5 per Cents 84 6 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 241 5 Belgian 44 per Cents 94/ 1 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 341 5 Buenos Ayres 6 per Cent ... 40 3 Venezuela

38 40

Chilian 6 per Cents

95 97 BANK OF B.NOLAND, An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 2.4d day of Jan. 1817.


Notes issued £25,7150,260 Government Debt ..... £11,615,160

Other Securities 2 ,944 960

Gold Coln and Bullion Silver Bullion £26,786,58


Proprietors' Capital £14,653.000 Government Securities, (in-

Rest .... 3,560,885 eluding Dead WeightAnnultyl £12 ,757 028 Public Deposita* 4,688,489 Other Securities 14,184,657 Other Deposits 10,355,835 Notes 8.187,170

Seven Day and other inns ... 062,784 i Gold and Silver Coin 878.860

£34,068,773 £34.090,773

• including Iliebequer, . Savings Banka.Commisioners of NationalD 'Ina Dividend Accounts.

11,091,751 1,674,609 -- Z26,796.260