30 JANUARY 1847, Page 19


On the 12th January, in Montague Square, the Lady of Philip H. Howard, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.

On the 20th, at the Rectory, Thornton-In-Craven, the Lady of the Rev. D. S. Morris, of a son.

On the 21st, at Thicket Priory, Yorkshire, the Wife of the Rev. Joseph Bennington Jefferson, of twin sons.

On the 22d, at the Craig, Bowness, Windermere, the Wife of Captain Sir Thomas Sabine Feeley, Bart., R.N., of a daughter.

On the 24th, at Chantey Castle, Staffordshire, the Countess Ferrets, of a son and heir. Oa the 24th, at Bitten House, Thames Ditton, the Lady of C. Eastland Michele, Esq., of a daughter.

On-the 27th, at Underdown, Ledbury, theillon. Mrs. G. H. Holland, of a son.


On the 9th January, at the British Embassy, at Florence, Alfred A. Shaw, Esq., Second Madras Regiment, to Anne Frances, Relict of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Lynar Fawcett, C.B.

On the 16th, at Tavlatock, Henry Morgan Brown Willesford, Esq., to Eliza Mid- yard Commins, third daughter of J. Commins, Esq., of Tavistock. Mr. Willesford was the defendant in an action brought by Miss Committee father in 1845, and the case was tried at Exeter at the March Assizes, when a verdict was given in the young lady's favour for 7001. It is rather a singular circumstance that the defendant's attorney gave away the plaintiff.

Oh the 21st, in Moray Place, Edinburgh, George Macintosh Balfour, Esq., R.N., to Margaret Craigle, daughter of the late Captain Balfour, R.N., of Trenaby.

On the 21st, at Great Cheverel, Wilts, Nathaniel Barton, Esq., of Corsley House, to Mary, only daughter of the late Captain John Nicholas, R.N.

On the 26th, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, the Rev. Frederick Neville, second son of the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of Windsor, to Fanny Grace, only daughter of the late William Blackwood, Esq., of Eaton Place.

On the 28th, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, Charles Edgecumbe Davenport, Esq., Royal Regiment, youngest son of the late Admiral Sir Salusbury Davenport, K.C.H. and C.B., to Emma Anne Georgians Webber, daughter of the Very Rev. the Dean of Ripon. DEATHS.

On the 28th December, at Montreal, Charles, youngest son of Sir R. Brooke, Bart., of Norton Priory, Ensign in the Fifty-second Regiment of Light Infantry ; in his 22d year.

On the 16th January, at Richmond, Surrey, Elizabeth, Relict of Thomas Hand, Esq., late of the CourKof Chancery; in her 95th year.

On the 19th, in Great SurreyStreet, Commander Charles Jones, R.N., K.T.S.; in his 60th year.

On the 21st, at the Rectory House, Stanmore, Middlesex, the Rev. A. R. Chants', Rector of Stanmore, Vicar of Chlgwell, Essex, and Prebendary of St. Peal Cathedral; in his 89th year.

On the 21et, at York, the Rev. William Flower, for more than half ■ century Rector of All Saints, Pavement, to that city, and Rector of.Kirkhide, Cumberland ; In Ills 94th year.

On the 23d, at Woolwich, Graham Eden William Hamond, Ear., Commander in the Royal Navy, youngest son of Vice-Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hamond ; in his Rid year. On the 24th, at Alcombe, Somerset, Rear-Admiral Edward Elliot ; in his 79th year. On the 24th, at Hythe, in Kent, Dowager Lady Rachel Douglas, Relict of General Sir Kenneth Douglas, Bart.

On the 25th, at Stonehouse, Francis Delacwmthe, Esq.; in his 90th year.

On the 26th, in Wimpole Street, William Cloves, Esq., of Stamford Street, and Banstead, Surrey ; in his 68th year.

On the 27th, at the Rectory, Hanwell, Middlesex, the Rev. Dr. Walmsley, Rector of Hanwell, and of St. Vedast, Foster Lane; in his 89th year.

On the 28tb, at Bridewell Wharf, Blackftiars, Mrs. Elizabeth Capel, Relict of Henry Capel, Esq.; in her 91st year.