30 JANUARY 1847, Page 2

The Foreign news of the week is of a gossiping

rather than

• • kind, but is not without interest.

In ranee, there is a growing impression that King Louis Philippe, having used M. Guizot as an easy tool in the affair of the marriage, is about to throw him away, " as men would serve a cucumber," to propitiate England by the sacrifice. Austria, wanting money to pay for her revolutionary intrigues in Gallicia, is suspected of contemplating a Harry the Eighth manoeuvre to raise the wind—confiscation of ecclesiastical reve- nues in Lombardy and Venice. At the same time, we see the


Pope uniting the enlightened spirit of the nil/let:nth century with the pious zeal an humilit that were n tinct in the -middle ages. It is a contrast ofy destructive despotism with con- servative liberality.

The Spanish Ministry has broken up ; not through the strength of any antagonist party, but through internal weakness. Across the Atlantic, the several great parties of the United States are beginning to try to shuffle off, from one to the other, the responsibility of the vexatious, costly, and not glorious Mexi- can war. Mr. Polk proves a very troublesome Chief Magistrate.