30 JANUARY 1926, Page 14

[To the Editor of the SPEcrA•roit.]

Sra,—In your last issue you admit your inability as a non-‘ technical paper to teach us how to make carbonization a success. High temperature carbonization is, however, already a success, and the other sort may be so before long. In the meantime, good luck to Mr. Baldwin's Electricity Scheme. But surely a paper of your stand' a should not state that coal is as a general rule put into carts at the pit's mouth and taken to a railway truck ! Perhaps you have in mind some fancy sketch of Mr. Heath Robinson. As to the mine-owners' remedies for the coal position, they may be unattractive, but they do endeavour to face the facts.—I am, Sir, &c.,


[We wrote, "make carbonization a commercial success." We admit an exaggeration of the number of times that coal is now broken in transit, since at very few mines is coal still put into carts at the pit's mouth, but it is nevertheless excessive.—En. Spectator.]