30 JANUARY 1926, Page 16

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] '

SIR,—I am sorry that a paper of the standing of the Spectator should lend its support to the 'discredited proposal to tax betting. Herbert Spencer described gambling as "an anti- social vice," and Lord Beacomfield said it was "a gigantic engine of national demoralization." Is a Christian nation to stoop so low as to make money out of an anti-social vice and a system that is rapidly demoralizing our men, women, and even children ? The Churches in Scotland at least have made up their minds on the subject, and are determined to resist any such proposal. We • can never fight this national curse by giving it further sanction, higher status, and deeper entrench- nient, and all this a tax would assuredly do. We must rather by legislation drastically Curtail the bookmaker's operations,, and destroy the manifold allurements to gambling which abound. If the Conservative Party introduce- a tax on betting, they -will lose- thousands of supporters in Scotland, and I have no doubt in England toe. It is a retrograde polity which no Christian Church dare •support.—I am,Sir, &c.,

- - Dawn WON, D.D.

St. Clements Parish Church, Glasgow.

• fOur own belief is that if the Chancellor of the Exchequer discouraged' betting by taxing it he would earn nothing but gratitude from the majority, and that the gratitude would lie expressed at any - eleetion:—En. Speetator4