30 JANUARY 1926, Page 18


[To the Editor of the Sewn:ma.] Sni,—Surely :the one and only logical .thing to do in connec- tion with the site and buildings out at 'Wembley is to establish there a National Overseas Training Centre. The accomodation and space are ample to enable many thousand people at one time to be housed and-7-quite irrespective of the weather— given a thorough grounding in Oversea methods and ways of doing things. And particularly so in connection with settle- Pleat on the land, though not necessarily in agriculture itself.

Such an undertaking is one in which the Dominions would co-operate to the fullest extent, for it would result in a very large percentage indeed of those whom they are now unable to accept being able to qualify, and within from six to eight weeks.

Although this suggestion was embodied in my Address to a Special Committee of the British Empire League last July, and by that body forwarded to the Government for consideration— as part of the National Movement project I outlined in the Spectator on March 21st last—now seems an opportune time to raise the matter in a more public way.—! am, Sir, &c.,