30 JANUARY 1926, Page 18


[To the Editor of the SPECTATORI SIR,—Seeing in your issue of December 19th the letter signed by Dr. Sanguinetti with regard to the Kensington Physical Treatment Centre at 14 Prince. of Wales Terrace, and bearing in mind that' when the scheme was first Started you were good enough to put an article in your paper of June 18th, 1921, I trust that it may interest your readers to hear details as to the growth of the clinic since its inception almost four years _ago.

It was started with a view to helping those members of the civilian population whose means are such that they cannot afford the ordinary fees charged, and.! venture to give you a few figures which show by the steady increase in numbers it has justified its existence.

No. of Patients admitted 1922 (11.months) 136:

29 St /P. >7 1925 VS



Treatments given in 1922 (11 months) .. ' 1925 ,, • . .*

Consultations given in 1922 (11 months) IP SP 614771 19°5

2, Total number of Patients admitted during four years 1,508 Total Treatments given during four years .. .. 42,181 Total Consultations given during four years 5,894 As our numbers have increased the expenses have pro- portionately decreased. In 1922 the total cost per treatment

was 4s. 8.79d., and in 1925 it should have decreased to about 4s.

The clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are two medical officers in charge of the clinic. The maximum fee for treatment is 5s. ; for consultation fees 10s. 6d. The 'clinic is not by any means self-supporting, but we feel that the money is well spent when each year more patients come for treatment, not only from Kensington and London, but all 'parts of the country.—! am, Sir, &c., SYBIL ORPEN, Divisional Secretary.