30 JANUARY 1926, Page 2

At Stirling on Tuesday, Mr. Baldwin spoke, as was most

appropriate, about the housing conditions in Scotland. He said that if he produced painful facts it was not because he wanted to attack Scotland, but because he wanted to stimulate the Scottish people to wake up to the gravity of their problem. In Scotland, arrears in housing were not being overtaken ; on the contrary they were being piled up. He had come to the conclusion that 'this grave emergency must be met. The Government's proposal was for alternative methods of building so that houses could be provided rapidly and at reasonable prices. Mr. Baldwin, in fact, preached the doctrine, which is familiar to our readers, that the disgrace of slums must be ended at once, and that if what may be called permanent houses cannot be provided soon enough—as apparently they cannot—emergency houses are the necessary solution.

* * * *