30 JANUARY 1926, Page 29


the general editorship of H. P. Biggar. Vol. II. (Toronto : The Champlain Society.)

THE brave and able French sea-captain who explored the St. Lawrence valley, and founded Quebec in 1608, well deserved to have a society founded in his honour. The new edition Of his works which the society is producing does credit to Canadian scholarship and English printing. This second volume contains in French and English Champlain's lucid narrative of his voyages from 1609 to 1613, with maps, plans and illustrations, and some new documents relating to his life. Champlain's account of his Indian allies and of their fighting with thl Iroquois, in which he took part, is excellent reading. Ile saw nothing chivalrous in the red men, and was horrified at their cruelty to prisoners. It may be mentioned that the notes on the opening of the voyage of 1610 need revision. The Editor implies that Champlain sailed across the Atlantic in eleven days, which is hardly credible ; for April we must read May. The translator is troubled by the old French " raz " ; but the English word " race " is often applied to a channel with a swift current.