30 JANUARY 1926, Page 33


There was no More, interesting part of Mr. Goodenough's : speech than his reference to the part played by banking develoRing tIe,QUtOeLOf our OyerSen: Dominions, and on this matter Mr. Goodenough has every right to speak, because confessedly for some years past the management of Barclays Bank has pursued-a consistent policy of enlarging its sphere of operations through obtaining control of those institutions whose operations are carried on in certain parts of our Oversee Dominions, and notably in South Africa. Quite recently it will be remembered that the activities of Barclays Bank in those directions culminated in the amalgamation of the Colonial and certain other overseas banks into the one large institution now known as Barclays (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) and this institution is, of course, con- trolled by Barclays Bank itself. Supported by some very striking figures, Mr. Goodenough showed how large a proportion of the trade of this country is carried on be- tween the various parts of our Empire and he also very clearly indicated the possibilities of expansion.