30 JANUARY 1926, Page 33


Praavra. :—Roving through Southern China. By H. F. Franck. (Fisher TJnwm. 21s.)—Caitadicin Trails Revisited. By E. Walker. (W. Stevens. 8s. 6d.)—Burgundy and Morvan. By W. M. Crowdy. (Christophers. 25s.) Through the Belgian Congo. By Mrs. Diana Strickland. (Hurst and Blackett. 18s.)—Whaling in the -Frozen South. By A. J. Villiers. (Hurst and Blacken. 21s.)

The Last Cruise of the Shanghai. By F. De Witt Wells. (Hurst and Blacken. 15s.) :—Correspondence of Samuel Pepys. I (Bell. 36k)-:--Prederick Harrison: Thoughts and Memories. By Austin Harrison. (Heinemann. 10s. 6d.)—Great Tasks and Great Inspirations. -By F. T. Woods, D.D. (Nisbet. 5s.)—Isvolsky and the World War. By F. Stieve. (Allen and Unwin. 10s. 6d.) The Letters of ' A. P. Tchehov to 0. L. Knipper. Translated by Constance • Garnett. (Chatto and Windus. 15s.)—The Empire

• in Eclipse. By Richard Jebb. (Chapman and Hall. 15s.)—Winged Defence. By W. Mitchell. (Putnam. 10s. 6d.)—What's Wanted and Advice to Inventors. (Institute of Patentees. 6d.).

liovErs :—Marie Hallcett. By R. W. Chambers. (Fisher Unwin. 7s. 6d.)—Red Soil. By L. E. Gielgud. (Heine- man. 7s. 6d.)—A Moment of Time; By Richard Hughes. (Chatto and Windus. 7s.)—Lolly Willowes. By S. T. Warner. (Chatto and Windus. 7s.) REFERENCE :—The Other London Galleries. By ME. Tabor. (Methuen'. 5s.)—The British Journal Photographic Almanac, 1925. (Henry Greenwood. 2s.) The Annual Charities Register and Digest. (Longmans. 8s. 6d.)