30 JANUARY 1942, Page 14


SIR,—" Janus " is wrong in suggesting that the Master of the Rolls (Lord Greene) does little than look after the Rolls. As President of the Court of Appeal, he and the Lord Chief Justice are the two busiest judges in the Royal Court of Justice. Indeed he can reverse the L.C.J. on appeal. He is not much more than titular head of the Public Record Office, the work being done by the Deputy Keeper. Neverthe- less he and his predecessor Pollock have interested themselves keenly in the preservation of documents. B COZENS-HARDY. (A nephew of a former Master of the Rolls) :6 Albemarle Road, Norwich.

I" Janus " writes: . I was not ignorant of the Master of the Rolls' judicial duties, but there are other Lords of Appeal who could dis- charge them, thus releasing Lord Greene temporarily for work even more important.]