30 JANUARY 1942, Page 9

AUTUMNAL , 1940 CRY from the sea the grey birds

in the twilight, and their crying echoes among the grey windbeaten silences of the cliffs, where once the lovers in their summer gladness walked, and now no longer walk. For time is running out ; day, year, and age falter to their uncertain end, and death usurps the glory of the changeless hour.

What kiss can cancel now the terror of the breaking heart, what smile, or touch of hand repair the fall of cities, or the bitter ruin of men's lives?

About earth's corners now harsh blows the wind- of grief, and truth, poor shard is racked again upon the riven tree beneath a blackening sun.

The grey birds from the sea crying, crying in the twilight of the world.

The late Flying Officer T. R. HODGSON.