30 JULY 1948, Page 16


StR,—Your correspondent, Mr. Frank Ward, has no knowledge whatever of the working conditions of bank employees. As a bank accountant of many years' standing I can assure you that more work is done in the average branch of a bank in one day than in a commercial office in fifty per cent. more time. A bank employee is always working against time ; his work has to be accurately balanced each day before he leaves and early days set against late days, which occur quite frequently. A high degree of service to the public has been kept up during and since the war years often with very difficult staff conditions. The bank employee has no five-day week, and he works on an average a forty-four-hour week, during which time his output is high. It has to be, or he would be at work half the evening.

Your correspondent appears to be very unlucky in his choice of branch bank, and in any case if he is not satisfied he has the option of changing to the competitive bank over the way.—Yours truly, HAROLD MILLS.

27 Burghley Road, St. Andrews Park, Bristol 6.