30 JULY 1948, Page 17


SIR,—In The Spectator of July 23rd both the letters from Mr. McNeile and Mr. Crossman (on Women in the Priesthood) as well as the review by Canon Smyth (on Anglicans and Reunion)' raise ,,many questions that have been under discussion long enough. The purpose which I, as a minister in the Church of Scotland, have in writing is merely to point out the unwisdom of ever aiming to reunite on any basis where the terms of union are insufficiently weighed alike in their meaning and in their implication (e.g., with regard to " Nonconformity," these three writers would, in Scotland, all come under that category, as presumably they would as over against the Church of Rome). What surely matters is that each communion leave its neighbours in peace and that, as Dr. Bell, with Canon Smyth's manifest approval, sums it up, all Christians should recognise " the possibility and the necessity, outside the dogmatic field, of practical co-operation between the Churches in face of the