30 JULY 1948, Page 2

More Clothes

Mr. Wilson chose the hottest day of the year to present us with more clothes, but we can wear the gift with fortitude. The new clothes ration concessions are welcome in themselves, but additionally welcome because they give the impression that the Board of Trade has made up its mind with reasonable certainty on its policy for at least a year ahead. The last concessions were a haphazard collection of favours which, rightly or wrongly, appeared to have been squeezed out of a reluctant Ministry by the clamour of the

clothing trade. Within a few weeks the first hasty list was subject to corrections and additions and it looked as though the nation was going to receive its clothes with something of that intermittent caprice with which the local grocer dispensed his under-the-counter stocks during the war. The new concessions are sensibly planned ; they are drawn from the most obvious surpluses and distributed where they have always been most urgently needed. The public will be duly appreciative. Duly, but not unduly. There is no reason why these periodic concessions should be made the subject for rejoicing. There is only one announcement which -would deserve such a warm reception, and that is the total abolition of the clothes ration. Signs are not wanting that the time is coming when clothes, like bread, can be treated as a commodity which the public will buy when they want it and when they can afford it. There is a lot to be said for this system, after, all.