30 JUNE 1832, Page 8

An advertisement in a Dublin paper calls on the independent

electors of Westmeath to "keep themselves disengaged, as a person of intellect and constitutional principles intends to call upon them the first oppor- tunity." A pretty compliment to the present members!

A number of cattle were lately seized for tithe due to the clergyman of the parish of Allen, Kildare. Their reputed value was 80/. 108. : they were sold, and when all expenses bad been paid, there remained nine shillings for the clergyman, whose demand was at most three or four pounds. In consequence of such a feat, the clergyman became, probably not without cause apprehensive that an attack might be made upon him ; and- he procured a party of soldiers, not only to attenddhe sale, but to guard him from its apprehended results. But the passive resistance system has been as rigidly acted on in respect of the guard as in respect of the clergyman. Not a single soul. in the parish or county will furnish the military with "man's meat or horse-meat, or a chair to sit down ;" and the whole of their supplies have in consequence to be sent from Dublin by the Commissariat carts.

The country people between Tullamore and Barinasioe assembled in great numbers on Monday sennight, to cut down the banks of the Grand Canal, from the supposition that it was the water that conveyed. the Cholera.

That magnificent edifice, Birr Castle, the residence of Lord Ross, who lately expended a considerable sum in repairing and beautifying it, was on Sunday night almost entirely reduced tO ashes. The fire broke out in the course of the day, in a chimney ; when, prompt assistaace, being at hand, it was apparently extinguished, but burst out again with- great violence, near the roof, at night. The unfortunate occurrence - was purely accidental; no lives were lost.