30 JUNE 1866, Page 1


MHE interregnum continues, and in all probability will con-

tinue for nearly three weeks more, as Lord Derby is not pre- pared to publish his list till Thursday, and part of the new Cabinet must, after that, go through the process of re-election. It is understood that Lord Derby will be Premier, and that he is trying to induce the more Conservative Whigs to coalesce with his followers—an effort hitherto attended with very little success. Until it has succeeded or failed nothing can be certainly known about appointments, but it seems to be believed that Lord Stanley will be Foreign Secretary, Mr. Disraeli Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, Lord Cranborne Colonial Secretary, Mr. Gathorne Hardy Home Secretary, and Sir Hugh Cairns Lord Chancellor. Mr. Lowe refuses office, and the Times gives the Adullamites in small capitals an order of the day. They are to support Lord Derby, but to "gain nothing by it," an order which most of them, being eldest sons, not fond of work, and indifferent to cash, will find it easy enough to obey. There is still, we believe, a possibility that Lord Derby, who has a keen recollection of his position in 1858, when he was "Premier by grace of Bright," may even yet relin- quish his task, abdicating in favour either of his son, or of some :.-%dy-going, easy-mannered Whig Peer, who will be fed up into a Palmerston after the fashion common among bees.