30 JUNE 1866, Page 1

The Italian army has made its first bold stroke, and

failed. On the 23rd June (this day week) the force under the King and La Marmora, advanced in three corps each 30,000 strong, the left ap- proaching Peachiera, the right nearly reaching Goito. They ad- vanced in a north-easterly direction into the Quadrilateral. The Archduke Albrecht, who had Verona to cover his left, met the- Italian force on the 24th (Sunday), fell heavily upon the left of the Italian army at Custozza, and carried the day, forcing the King and La Marmora to recross the Mincio on the following day, Monday, the 25th. It is feared that the first army corps of the Italian army was almost annihilated, and the second and third were not in a position to give it effectual help. But the fight was exceedingly gallant, and the Italians made many prisoners, though fewer of course than the Austrians. The battle was not unlike, either in hopeless gallantry or result, to the attack of General Burnside on Fredericksburg, followed by his recrossing of the Rappahannock after his failure. The King of Italy has since retreated on Cremona, his base of supplies, and it will doubtless be some weeks before the attack can be renewed. The Austrian policy ia of course defensive. Pertinacity is the only chance of the Italians in this war, and they show every sign of possessing it in the fullest measure.