30 JUNE 1866, Page 2

A very serious &ode has occurred in Ms. lrid. On

the 22nd inst. a regiment of artillery, aided by some cavalry, in :1111,200 men, seized the barrack of St. Gil, murdered their colonel, a major, and some of the staff, and marched amid the sympathy of the people on the Home Office. Marshal O'Donnell, however, met them at the head of a strong force, killed 200, shot 170 for mutiny, cleared the streets at a loss of about 1,000 lives, and threw the remaining soldiers into prison. Order reigns in Madrid, but it appears certain that the movement was planned by the Progreasistas, that it had ramifications in the provinces,—one regiment breaking out at Gerona and then retreating into France,—and that the dis- affection in the army spreads very far. For the present, however, the Marshal is master of the situation, and is asking the Cortes for nearly dictatorial power, which he will probably obtain.