30 JUNE 1866, Page 2

The Army of Hanover has surrendered at last. The King

of Prussia, who has "Legitimist" sympathies which may yet embarrass his action, offered to guarantee the King his throne if he would surrender, and join the new Band to be organized by Prussia. Fortunately for Hanover the King is a " Guelph," a family whose pride always shows best in adversity, and he refused to "'desert his allies" on any pretext whatever. His army even showed fight, engaging and routing, according to a very unintelligible story, a body of Prussians at Laugensalza, and then marching on to Son- dersbausen, no man may guess why. On Friday, however, being fairly surrounded, with very little ammunition, and still less love for their dynasty, which alone will suffer from annexation, they surrendered at discretion. It has been necessary to declare war this week on Sam Meiningen and one of the two Reuss duchies, but every State north of the Main except Mama, and every free city except Frankfort, has now either ceased to exist or has agreed to the new Prussian plan of federation. English observers say that in Saxony the Prussians are received as friends, in Hesse they are feted, and in Hanover, as we learn from private information, they are entirely quiescent, contented with everything except the billeting.