30 JUNE 1866, Page 2

The Reconstruction Amendment has passed both Houses of Congress by

a two-thirds majority, and therefore only wants the assent of the States to become part of the Constitution. It is exceedingly moderate, only providing that every person born in the United States shall be a Citizen, whatever his colour, and shall have equal protection of law, that .negroes shall not be reckoned for electoral purposes unless they have the suffrage, that no Con- federate shall hold office or vote for the Presidency if he had taken the oath to the Constitution previous to his rebellion, that the Government debt shall be held valid, and the Confederate debt repudiated. Twenty-seven States must assent to the amendment before it becomes law, and until they do the South will be kept out of Congress. It is believed that the South will reject the terms as injurious to their honour, but the votes of those most affected are not required.