30 JUNE 1866, Page 22


6** By a printer's error the Municipal Corporations' Directory, noticed by us in our "Current Literature" last week, was printed "Universal Corporations' Directory," a title which would be without meaning.

The Corn/sill Magazine for July. (Smith, Elder, and Co.)—In the new number of this magazine a tale is commenced by the authoress of The Story of Elizabeth, which bids fair to be one of not only beauty, but genius. There is the same peculiar effect caused by steeping, as it were, a ead and occasionally even sardonic estimate of the super- ficiality and worldliness of the world in a flood of golden light and

idyllic beauty, which marked that beautiful tale, and which pro-

duces a deeper effect of pathos than, almost any other style of modern fiction. "The Village on the Cliff," if it goes on as it has begun,—

though of coarse for that there is no security,—should be another literary gem. Mr. Trollop° gives a new and admirable instalment of his amusing tale of "The Claverings." Captain Archie Clavering'e grotesque efforts to apply horsey ideas to love-making are sketched with his finest and most delicate humour. Mr. Matthew Arnold con- tinues and concludes his remarkable series of papers on Celtic literature, and there are other papers of considerable interest. It is the most brilliant number of the Corn/silt that has appeared for some months.