30 JUNE 1866, Page 23


Richard Bentley—Paul Pendril ; Up the Country, by the Hon. Emily Eden, 2 vols.

A. Strakan--Master and Scholar, by E. H. Plumptre. Saunders and ()Hey— Mary constant. Walton and Maberly—On Railway-and other Injuries, by John E. Ericbsen.

L. Booth—Search.

'Williams and Norgate--Theola, by Henry Bliss.

E. Stanford—Political, Agricultural, and Commercial Fallsotes, by W. Walter Good. 4 Sampson Low and Co.—Jamaica and the Colonial Office, by George Price.

Simpkin, Marshall, and Ca—Palestine Revisited and other Poems, by the Rev. Thomas Mitchell. Hurst and Blackett — Felicia's Dowry, by Mrs. Fitzmaurice Okeden, 3 vols. Trubuer- and Co.—On Democracy, by J. Arthur Part- ridge. John Murray—Dr . Smith's Smaller Bible Dictionary; pott a Letters to Hotter.

M. S. J. T. Hayes—The Bible and its Interpreters, by W. J.