30 JUNE 1866, Page 23

Dainty Dishes. Receipts collected by Lady Harriett St. Clair- (Edzionstone

and Douglas, Edinburgh.)--Lady Harriett St. Clair, dating from Derneburg, is of opinion that English cooking is the worst and the most ignorant and the most extravagant in the known world, and English cooks the most obstinate and perverse. She has therefore col- lected in the present volume the results of her Continental experience, and she addresses her work to "the Missiaes." Her publishers have done their beat to second her views by turning the book out in a style that befits it for the drawing-room table. Wo should recommend all husbands who are dissatisfied with their home cookery to insist upon their wives setting up a copy. It does not cost more than a volume of second-rate poetry, is quite as ornamental, and must be more useful, if it contains only half-a-dozen good receipts.