30 JUNE 2001, Page 71

Q. Last week I had a thoroughly enjoyable day's racing

at Royal Ascot. Reading the racecard, I noticed under 'dress code' that service dress was acceptable, and indeed I saw some immaculately attired sailors, soldiers and airmen milling around in the Royal Enclosure. I, too, am a government servant, and wonder whether next year I might spare myself the expense of hiring morning dress for Royal Ascot by wearing the uniform I wear in my day job as a traffic warden. Can you tell me whether this would be acceptable to the authorities?

NP., Chadlington, awn A. I have consulted the Ascot supremo and clerk of the course, Nick Cheyne. He informs me that the service dress code applies only to members of the armed forces. Sadly, traffic wardens, lollipop ladies, dustmen and similar functionaries do not fall within this remit.