30 MARCH 1912, Page 1

Telegrams from America indicate that Mr. Roosevelt, like American political

chiefs before him, is finding out how tremendous is the strength and solidarity of the nartv machine.

We would advise our readers to remember, however, that in America, as elsewhere, there is a very great difference between party organization and public feeling. It may well be that if the threat which Mr. Roosevelt is said to have used at Chicago at a meeting on Wednesday, that he would head a new party if he were defeated in the Convention, is carried out, that new party will become a real factor in American politics. The Times correspondent at Washington notes Mr. Roosevelt's power of holding his audiences, and quotes an amusing passage in which Mr. Roosevelt met the accusation that he is aiming at the Dictatorship :— " I like the Kings I have met, but I do not want to be one, because the function of those Kings expressed in terms of demo- cracy would be the position of Vice-President for life, with leadership of the Four Hundred thrown in."