30 MARCH 1912, Page 2

The Cabinet Ministers who supported the Second Reading were Mr.

Birrell, Mr. Burns, Mr. Lloyd George, Sir Edward Grey, and Mr. Runciman. Those who voted against it were Mr. Asquith, Mr. Buxton, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Harcourt, Mr. Hobhouse, Mr. Pease, and Mr. Herbert Samuel. It is interesting to note in this list the names of two Ministers, Mr. Buxton and Mr. Churchill, who were originally on the Suffrage side. We may remark that undoubtedly the window- smashing campaign played a very great part in the overthrow of the Bill. No doubt the militants will refuse to believe this, and will very likely consider that the best way to regain lost ground will be further violence. If they do take this line, the rout of their cause will only be made the more rapid and the more complete.