30 MARCH 1996, Page 25

Goring on

Sir: A year ago you were kind enough to publish a letter from me which you entitled 'Great Gores of today' (1 April 1995) in reply to one from Mr Gore Vidal about his maternal antecedents. I cannot help think- ing that some of your readers might like to know that an enterprising publisher in Ohio has turned this esoteric subject into a mar- keting opportunity. I have just received an invitation to purchase The Burke's Peerage World Book of Gores. Although my initial reaction was that this was an elaborate joke, it seems to be serious: it may even sat- isfy Mr Vidal's curiosity. Inter alia, we are promised something called The Gore 1996 International Directory, which will tell us how to use it to assist in locating lost family members. Perhaps it will arrive on April Fool's Day.

Josslyn Gore-Booth

Selaby, Gainford, Darlington