30 MAY 1829, Page 13


The arrivals from India this week are of older dates than vessels formerly reported. The Admiral Benbow, Crawford, from London to Madras and Bengal, was plundered by a vessel under French colours, on the 14th April, in 13 north, 27 west. Two seamen and a passenger were murdered, and Captain Crawford, and several of his crew, wounded by the pirates.

Arrived. At Gravesend, May 25th, Exchange, Towsell, from Mauritius; 27th, Ganges, Lloyd, from Madras. Off Portsmouth, 26th, Anthony, Headley, from Mauritius -, 28th Almorah, Boyd, from Ceylon. Off Plymouth, 22d, Lima, Knox, from the Cape. In the Clyde, 23d, Scotia, Simson, from Bombay. At Cork, 24th, Barbara, Dunn, from the Cape. At Bordeaux, 20th, Emulous, Welbank, from the Mauritius. At Madeira, May 3d, David Scott, Jackson, from London for Madras. At the Cape, March 5th, Hero, Fell ; and 8th, Betsey, Barclay, from Liverpool. At Ceylon, Lord Cochrane, Sutton, from London. At Bombay, Jan. 20th, Simson, Warren, from Clyde. At Van Diemen's Land, Dec. 10th. Hunter, Atkins, from Clyde. At Sidney, Mary Hope, Farmer, from Liverpool.

Sailed.-From Gravesend, May 23d, Thorne, Johnstone, for the Cape ; 24th, Capri- corn, Smith, for Bombay, and Percy, Middleton, for New South Wales; 27th, Roxburgh

Castle, Denny, for Madras ; and 28th, Lotus, Sunimerson, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, May 25th, Sir F. Burton, Reid, for Bombay.

Spoken.-Palmyra, from London to Madras, 6th April, 5 north, 22 west; Cornwallis, London to St. Helena, 19th April, i " north, 21 west ; H. C. S. Scaleby Castle, London to China, 15th May, 45 north, 11 west.


Sidled.-From Gravesend, May 29th, Atwick, Jeffrey, for the Cape; and Guildford, Harrison, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, May 28th, Suubury, Pattison, for Singapore.